Tuesday, April 18, 2006



It has been proved by researchers that RFID tags can be targeted. Researchers at Edith Cowan University in Perth found that when the RFID tags were overloaded with information and data, they were not able to function.

Academics in the Scissec research group at Edith Cowan University warned:
Vulnerabilities in the newer UHF style of RFID tags have been found and are of
concern for anyone trying to implement a RFID system that would have mission
critical or human life issues involved in it.

Many companies have been ysing RFID tags in their supply chain but the tags are generaaly not used in life-critical situations. Researchers have found that even generation two tags, which are better than the generation one tags can be disrupted.

When the RFID tags are in range the tag reader identifies the tags and communicates with them. The raders communicate in the frequency range of 902-928MHz. This range was first supposed to be though as a safety measure as the reader could hop between frequencies. Australian researchers have found that hopping attack fom DOS is still possible as the tags ca not hop from one frequency to another but need raders for that purpose. The researchers demonstrated that from a range of 1 metre they could disrupt communications between tags and readers by placing the tag in a "communication fault state".

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