Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Virgin Atlantic to use RFID tags

Virgin Atlantic has become the first airline company in the U.K to use RFID tags to track parts onsite. Symbol Technologies, Inc., the Enterprise Mobility Company, and its Premier Solutions Partner, PEAK Technologies have been chosen by Virgin Atlantic to supply the RFID technology. This is a pilot phase.

These installations are based at the Virgin Atlantic’s facility at the Heathrow airport. Three AP300 access ports with external antennas support onsite data exchange at each location and the MC9000-G mobile computer enables precise real-time scanning and data entry, providing Virgin Atlantic's staff with inventory control and instant visibility into their supply chain.

The project is called Tracked by Radio Identification Method and has been deployed at Virgin Atlantic with the specific aim of tracking serialized aircraft parts and tools at their main supply facilities and throughout their supply chain.

As Virgin Atlantic is Britain’s second largest carrier it is trying to find out the efficiency of the RFID technology in its warehouse and improve its efficiency.

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