Thursday, May 11, 2006


Cisco systems and T-systems partner to provide Integrated Voice, Data and Security Services to Medium-sized and large Businesses.

Cisco systems and T-Systems have announced a relationship that focuses on harnessing advanced technologies. This step aims at improving cost efficiencies and productivity for large and medium-sized businesses.

The two companies are working together to provide a range of services like IP, LAN. They are also working at developing solutions for vertical markets such as financial services and radio frequency identification solution for the transport and retail sectors in Germany.

Both the companies would cooperate in areas of marketing, sales and business development over the next three years. Tailor made packages would be made to provide feature IP-based networking solutions integrated with value-added services such as IP communications and security to medium-sized businesses.

The integrated RFID solution developed by the two companies would help the transport and the retail sector.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006



The National Manufacturing Week 2006 at Sydney's Darling Harbour from May 30 to June 2 will have a one day master class on RFID challenges, practices and principles. The RFID technical institute in association with the International RFID Business Association is arranging the Radio Frequency Identification technology master class. The key applications of the technology will be taught at these classes for providing a strong foundation for those interested in learning the key elements of RFID.

The class would include attendees on the basis of a series of learning modules aimed at building technical competency and business awareness in understanding how RFID can help the firm to leverage manufacturing performance improvement.

The following topics will be included in the master class

· RFID key concepts and components for manufacturing

· The science behind RFID

· Technology challenges and constraints for applying RFID in the factory

· RFID enabled work-in-process tracking

· Managing parts inventory with RFID

· The use of RFID to reduce parts defects

· Improving worker productivity and factory floor throughput with RFID

· Integrating RFID with Six Sigma

· Best practices for getting started with RFID

· Key lessons and insights from manufacturing RFID projects.

The participants will have a question and answer round at the end of the class with the members of the RFID Technical Institute faculty and the guest speaker panel. World class instructors who have full knowledge of the industry would offer the participants a wide diversity of disciplines, viewpoints and insights.

Cost of the RFID Master Class is $950 per delegate with an early bird rate of $850 (for bookings before May 19). Seats are limited, so prospective attendees need to book as soon as possible.

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